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B. Burris 

Owner of Luminous Health & Yoga

"Nancy and her practice helped me restore so nicely. I love her two prong approach - the sound therapy and then, the time on the Bio-Mat. My first session was the weekend before we opened the new studio and my world had been very full as we created our new home for my two businesses. My rest had been less than optimal. Nancy knew just what I needed and she chose a series that was so relaxing to my nervous system AND  helped me sleep better that night. It was an important part of helping me reset before our opening day. I highly recommend her services, and we are so happy to have her as part of our community  at Luminous Health & Yoga."

Dave Asprey 

Founder and CEO, Bulletproof — Dave uses HUSO in his personal Bulletproof Biohacking Lab

“You can really feel the tones in the body. I feel like I did some deep meditation. Certainly a lot calmer... My whole body feels different. My heart rate variability went up and my sleep did improve… I love how you're taking these older ancient traditions and ancient healing technologies and building on them. I think that's one of the core things we can do as bio-hackers…”



Sara W.

"We have been very pleased with the HUSO treatments for our nine-year-old daughter. She is a highly sensitive child who experiences difficulty in being able to calm herself on a consistent basis. I have brought her in for treatments when she is in the midst of a difficult time of being able to regulate and control her emotions. We have been so amazed and pleased that after a treatment and a good night's sleep, she is able to regulate her emotions once again and handle the daily stress of school and life…. Her teachers have also noticed this change in her. It is as if an emotional weight has been lifted off of her overnight. We are so thankful to have found this treatment and that we've seen such great improvements in our daughter's well being."


Robert H.

"I’ve done healing work of different kinds, and this was powerful. My whole body was reset – deeper than a massage or even a sweat lodge...I was really relaxed the rest of the day; actually, I kept noticing the difference for a couple days. This was really something for me because I’m usually a little high strung, working too hard, stressed, all that. All the stress was drained out of me in a few minutes, but I wasn’t unfocused or forgetful – just really calm. The change in my body... changed the way my mind worked. I’ve already recommended HUSO to several friends."


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

World-renowned holistic MD and Founder of the Sophia Health Institute

“HUSO is the perfect complement to our treatment protocols. I find it balances the autonomic nervous system allowing patients to go more deeply within after treatments. HUSO is an excellent meditative and relaxing technique that can activate the higher levels of healing and can potentiate most other treatment modalities.”

Barrett M.

"I am very sensitive to electromagnetic fields, including cellphones and digital screens. After I did my first HUSO I was able to drive home without the GPS screen in my car giving me a headache. My energy and mood, which had been brought down, were much better."