What is Sound Frequency Therapy


Sound frequency therapy is a natural, safe and effective complementary medicine solution. It is a simple, yet very powerful, solution to shift your brain and body into a state of rest and repair (parasympathetic). 

The therapy is based on the principles of frequency medicine. Everything is in a state of motion or vibration. Because of that motion, everything has a frequency, including every cell of our body. Our cells use this frequency language to properly function and communicate. When parts of the body are out of harmony it can equal disease. Environmental factors such as toxins, stress, and the bombardment of harmful EMFs (from Wi-Fi and cell phone signals) can cause disfunction with our cells’ natural frequency language. 

Sound frequency therapy introduces healthy frequencies that can restore and balance the body back to its natural state. This allows it to heal, detox and replenish by boosting the brain, gut and immune systems to function at optimal levels. Clients using sound frequency therapy have reported profound improvements with a variety of physical issues as well as mental and emotional benefits. It is very grounding, balancing, calming and nurturing. 

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